Vaitheeswarankoil is on the National Highway in between Sirkali and Mayiladuthurai. LORD VAITHIYANATHAR (ANGARAGAN) gives relief to all the rhuematic complaints.

  • History of Nadi Astrology

    Nadi astrology is an ancient art of astrology which was practiced by sages of india as Thousands of years ago that the Saptharishis who had written the palm leaves with their yogic's power.

  • Why Nadi Astrology?

    The Nadi jothidam (Naadi josiyam) is a branch of Astrology that offers explanations and advice regarding the influence of the planets or the results the planets brings about to souls who seek the aid of this branch of Astrology.



There is a temple for LORD SUN GOD at Suriyanar koil, near Kumbakonam. People believe that the worship of Lord Sun will give good eye sight, fame, good health, Administrative capacity, power and influence.

Thingalur is near Kumbakonam and here there is a temple for the LORD CHANDRAN (Moon). It is believed that those who worship Chandranar will acquire good eye sight, and material bliss.

Vaitheeswarankoil is on the National Highway in between Sirkali and Mayiladuthurai. LORD VAITHIYANATHAR (ANGARAGAN) gives relief to all the rhuematic complaints. Worshippers acquire broad mindedness, bravery, steadfastness, etc. in their life. The consort of the Lord is called THAIYALNAYAKI. People conduct marriages and other family ceremonies in the temple to ward off bad spirits and doshams. Our NADI JOTHIDA NILAYAM – SRIMATH ARULNANDHI NADI JOTHIDA NILAYAM is functioning in this place (Vaitheeswarankoil).

Thiruvengadu is situated on the Sirkali-Poompuhar road. LORD AGORAMOORTHY (JUPITER) is the God of knowledge. He is also called as SRI SUVEDHARANYESWARAR. Those who worship LORD AGORAMOOTHY is said to acquire good Education, Intelligence, Oratoryskill, Music knowledge, Mathematical knowledge, and the power to heal, astrology and linguistic knowledge. Thiruvengadu is mentioned in VALMIKI RAMAYANAM. It is the birth place of ARUL NANDI MAHARISHI. It is situated on the banks of the river cauvery.

LORD DAKSHINAMOORTHY attracts devotees as GURU BAHAWAN in ALANGUDI village on the Kumbakonam – Mannarkudi High Road. Those who get the blessings of Lord Guru will get a high posts beget good children, accepted by all, and they get peace and prosperity in their life.

LORD SUKKIRAN has his abode in Kanjanoor village near Kumbakonam (3 KMs. east) . Devotees acquire oratory power, beauty, material bliss, fame and name in their life.

Thirunallar is near Karaikal, in the state of Pudhucherry. LORD SATURN, otherwise called SANI BHAGAVAN is the reigning diety in Thirunallar temple. He is also called as SRI DHARBANYASWARAR. Those who approach the Lord and pray him will get rid of poverty, fear, disease and ill luck.

Here we find a temple for LORD RAGHU. The Lord is called here as LORD THIRUNESWARAR. By his blessings one can regain the lost property and ward off bad spirits and doshams. This temple is situated near Kumbakonam town.

LORD NAGANATHAR temple at Keelaperumpallam is one of the Navagraha temples, situated near Poompuhar. People come here get rid of NAGADOSHAM & SARBADOSHAM, so as to get married.

Believers are requested to approach our Jothida Nilayam to get our guidance to perform all kinds of parigarams in the relevant temples.